Forex is Easy

Making money in forex is very easy but many end up losing instead.

If you are finding it difficult or if you are losing or lost money, it only means ONE thing.



Learn how to do it the correct way and make money for the rest of your life !!

Seminar at Marina Mandarin

9.45 am to 2.00 pm - Lunch provided.

Call 98399657 attendance by invitation ONLY




If you trade correctly... this is what to expect

-No need for Charts or Fundamental Analysis.

-No need to work out entry points for trades, no need for signals.

-No need for stoploss - no stoploss is ever needed or used.

-No margin call ever - is totally safe, never lose money.

-No need to monitor constantly.

-Expect minimum profits of 6% to 10% monthly.

-Trade this exact same way and make money easily for the rest of your life.





This is an equity chart of an account started with $300 and traded over a period of 7 months.

The account value after 7 months was $2196.14

This is a profit of $2196.14 - $300.00 = $1796.14 which makes 598.71% over 7 months.

This is 85.53% a month.